Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas in November? Yes, I think so.

Yes, I realize I’m cutting the ‘November’ deadline pretty close with less than 12 hours before the month ends, but hey, I’m on letterpress time; No really, I’m a little behind the game here, admittedly, for selling any kind of holiday creation, but still within plenty of time to create cards for our own friends and family, so let the googling commence!

Did you know there are literally hundreds of thousands xMas cards out there? Okay- new tactic. What would I most appreciate from an xmas card? Funny pictures, quotes, something ‘drink’ related?

Now, I love funny stick figures more than the normal person, but there is something about a lone quote on a card that just seems elegant to me; very clean, sleek, and to the point. This year, I’ll start with that idea and run with it for miles.

At some point throughout my life, and while shopping for a ‘GoodFellas’ poster for my younger brothers xmas gift, I stumbled across this beautiful quote:

Yes. That. Perfect. I’ll make this Carolina Blue (My Husband’s old college stomping ground) and pair it with a trendy gold envelope. Want to see more?

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