Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holiday Time!

Dear sweet readers, I've missed you.  I hope all is well with you and that you've forgiven me for my lack of posting... anything.  I know.  It's shameful that I haven't had even a second to update you all on life, love, and letterpress, but it's all going to be OK.  Or so I keep telling myself. :) 

I have some news for you all this time, however... Holiday goodies are back in the shop!  It's been a BUSY year for us with the move, baby, and everything else life can manage to throw our way, so I don't have too many NEW items in the shop, but plenty of the favorites I first showed you last year.  They've all been through a few rounds of price-chopping too, so it's easy on the eyes and wallet.

Ready for a little more fun?  For every item you purchase from the store, you'll be entered into a little contest to win an free personal stationery.  Yeah.  Get excited. That means if you buy 3 sets of the Joy Ride holiday cards, you get 3 entries.  Just like that.  30 cards printed in 2 colors, and envelopes with return address.  I'm closing the entries on December 8th so I'll have enough time to print, wrap up, and give to Santa to put under your tree.  There will only be 1 winner, so place your orders today! 

For those of you who think you never win these things {I'm one of those people...}, don't worry, you get to win too, instantly even: 

How about 10% off everything in the store for 1 whole week?  Me likey too.  Enter the code: iheartgable when you check out to recieve your discount. 

Visit the shop today!


The VBP said...


For you and well the lovely discount :)

The VBP said...

oh...and have been checking your site almost daily!! :)

Shazzie said...

You are the best, Miss Liz (and Gable and Kent and B). <3

erica morgan long said...

Love the new shop, Liz! (And all the goodies!)