Friday, April 22, 2011

Circus Circus!

Hi readers!  Welcome to the newest edition of Blush Design Studio... and my lack of posting.  Yikes, sorry for the long delays between posts folks, I have a lot to tell you, but as I sit at my desk chair, I find I just can't share the secret just yet.  Mostly because I don't have any good photos to show you, but partly because I'm just not sure what kind of answers to give either. :)  You'll all hear what it going on in my life soon enough.  Gable is just fine, if you're wondering, and we've been printing together just about every day for the last 5-6 weeks.  No joke, it's been that often. 

Alright, so a little insight into my life outside of printing: I love to read.  I bought a Nook from Barnes and Noble a few months back and it's been the best decision of my ENTIRE life.  Kid you not, I feel lost without that thing.  I am still firmly rooted in the camp of not wanting to give up my books for their fantastic aroma and texture, but there is something to handy about having 1 book shaped item in my Longchamp bag that I can read a Martha Stewart magazine AND my latest book from. 

My latest passion on the Nook: Water for Elephants.  Umm.  Not really even sure how to explain how much I love this book.  I read it a few years back it came out and fell all over myself in love with the story- the fascination, the love, in this novel.  So, to commemorate the movie coming out this weekend, and the fact that I can NO LONGER hold these invitations back from you, let me please introduce you all to the wonder that is, Circus Circus! 

... you all remember dear Meg, right?  How could you forget her...Meg is the delight that brought to me the concept of a save-the-date ticket for her February wedding.  Well, the wedding has long since past, but the photos are AMAZING and I must share with you all the wedding invitations that we created together.  Feast your eyes upon this goodness:

Circus CircusCircus Circus 2Circus Circus 3
and are you ready for what the invitations looked like... get ready to enter the tent...
Circus Circus 7Circus Circus 4Circus Circus 6Circus Circus 5
Umm, yeah, you can't make up this kind of magic.  I had SO much fun designing and printing these invitations that I'm almost sad to see the wedding over and my job officially completed, but I know that Gable nailed everything about these! 

Everything was printed on the stupdenous and magnificent 140lb Cotton Rag in the bone color and printed in aqua and bright red inks.  We used bakers twine to tie everything together, and envelopes are from Paper-Source. 

THANK YOU Meg & Rich!  Congratulations!!

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bcallegra said...

I love these! They're so fun and playful and the red/aqua combo really pops. Another great job Liz!