Thursday, November 19, 2009

a new journey...

This is a whole new world for me. A world that is full of responsibility, brain-racking decisions, deadlines, but, most importantly, bliss.

As soon as the New Year rang in 2009, I knew my life would be different. I was a bride-to-be with about a million ideas in my head as to planning a wedding that I have never seen, heard of, or could describe in less than 1,000 words. I had just nine short months to bring my vision into reality, and it was no easy task.

I was immediately surged with questions from friends and family about the theme, colors, design elements, and everything in-between. How best could I portray this to everyone while also keeping my sanity?

The answer: Paper. Alone, paper is an arbitrary and neutral medium; it comes in all different flavors of colors, textures, shapes, thickness, sizes, and weight. It’s flexible, machinable, and occasionally edible (in some Asian cultures). Paper is beautiful. I blush just thinking about all its capabilities. I would start my wedding planning with the most abundant element at my disposal, and I would find new and unique ways to portray our wedding information to the ravenous friends and family. It had to be a representation of ‘us;’ or at least as much as paper can represent human life.

Letterpress was my first tickle. It best to describe this...heaven, a satisfying heaven of texture and beauty. I like to think of it as standing in the middle of a wildflower field and seeing nothing but rolling country scapes. It’s blissful. In conjunction with paper, letterpress brings life and magic to an otherwise ordinary testimony. It’s ‘kiss’ into the paper invokes feelings of exact and precise gestures. It is also expensive; rightfully so, of course, for the craftsmanship, focus, and skill required creating extraordinary pieces of art.

It was too rich for my blood, and we were forced to settle on digital printing- the bright and shiny cousin of Letterpress- at a fraction of the price. I wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t poor either. I vowed at the exact moment I paid our printer that I would never give up my dream for letterpress. You could say it left an ‘impression’ on me.
Blush Design Studio creates custom letterpress stationary, invitations, and screen printed goods for the masses, and was born shortly after our wedding in September 2009 with the arrival of Gable. I speak of Gable to my friends as if my husband and I adopted a bouncing baby boy, but the reality is that Gable is 58 years old come 2010 and requires more love and attention than my not-yet-house-trained Great Dane puppy, Atticus. Gable, named after Clark Gable of the news and print industry, is a Chandler & Price platen letterpress machine cast in pure iron and weighs nearly 1200lbs. He’s certainly no bouncing boy- more like a stationary god. I was given Gable as a wedding present from my Husband, who knew more about my love and passion for letterpress than anyone else in this world.

Gable dictates what I can and cannot create, and in tandem, our hope is to bring your vision and deliver that ‘kiss of bliss’ to your life as it has for us. We utilize our passion, our ability, and most importantly, love of letterpress, to create the vision of brides and other paper connoisseurs that of beauty, perfection, and life.

So, this is my first post, sitting mearly inches away from Gable, my new best friend; together- we're going places. I can't wait to share our journeys with the world and hope that we all learn just a little something from each other every day. I'll leave you with a few pics of Gable and his new home...

Till next time!

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