Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wedding in DC

We all remember story time, right? Go grab your blankets and snuggle up to this campfire novel...

When Elaine first reached out me, she was looking for a 'cherry blossom theme that wasn't.' Yes, I looked at those lines for a hot minute before I decided they were OK to post here. Elaine was looking for a modern interpretation of a romantic floral bud that only appears for a few weeks a year in the beautiful District of Columbia.

I'm the first person to admit that my graphic arts skills are sub-par to my counterpart printers, but I'll also admit that I take the risks when others won't. I risked alot to make these invitations-- I spent days working on designs that just didn't flow, and when I finally thought throwing in the towel was the right thing to do, Elaine reached out to me and talked me off the ledge. She is a lifesaver. Plain and simple. We worked for hours together one night on gMail chat-- just to make sure the design was perfect. We passed around messages like, "I think the flower is all up in my business, can we back it up." Well, it was hilarious at the time. ha.

For this particular design, I was inspired by vintage lace. I reached out to my partner in design-crime,
Jennifer Furlotte, to help me with images that would work. Elaine and I worked closely to make sure they worked perfectly with her vision.

The invitation was printed on 220lb, duplex weight, ecru Crane Lettra paper in a very light blush pink and taupe ink. I've said it before, but I'll say it again-- that paper takes an impression like you would. not. believe. It's perfect for a ton of text, and even better for images with alot of print coverage. I wish you all could touch your computer screens to feel these! Wait- wash your hands, then do it. The response cards have the same floral-flourish and was printed on 110lb ecru Crane Lettra.

Elaine and Tom are to be married in DC this summer, and I am SO excited for them; two absolutely beautiful people! It was such a pleasure to be apart of their wedding funtivities! Congratulations to you both!!

OH, and for those that care to know (and because I can't stop talking to my husband about it...) Elaine and Tom also have two of the most adorable little pugs that I have ever seen. So cute that I'm inclined to make a trip down just to say 'hi' to them and give them a good pet. Yeah. Atticus could use a new brother or sister, right?


Mrs. Chompy said...

Haha you are hilarious - I almost forgot about the cherry blossom thing... but only because I LOVE the new design so much! Why did I even want cherry blossoms in the first place? This is sooooo much better. It was absolutely GREAT working with you. You made the invitations one of the most perfect details of the wedding (second to me of course ^^) and the colors tie beautifully with everything else from flowers to bridesmaids dresses to TABLECLOTHES! Thank you a million times over. And you definitely need to come see the pugs - maybe you can keep the naughty one. :P

Mrs. Chompy said...

Also, I am ashamed at the horrible quality of my pictures that don't do these invitations justice...

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

They are beautiful!! You stop it! :) I'm so glad you love them, too! ... and I secretly love your blogging name: Ms. Chompy. haha

Chelsea said...

These are so gorgeous!!