Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner in Richmond


Well folks, I wish you were here in New England with me right now, because this is the most beautiful weather I have EVER seen; and as I sit here at my desk with my coffee in hand (c’mon, it’s the good stuff from Dunkin’s) and look out the window to our backyard, I’m reminded what it means to just be really really crazy happy. I am so fortunate that I have a Husband who understands my passion to be creative (and gives me 2 whole rooms in the tiniest little cape house we own to actually play with that creative passion!). I love that my work actually goes to helping someone make THEIR day as crazy happy as this day is for me today.

I’m also reminded that I have 5 cubic feet of mulch being delivered next week and that I had better start limbering up for the task ahead. Oh, and that I need to replant the fuji apple tree my Husband and I rescued from the ‘clearance rack’ of Lowes Hardware last year because Atticus has once again dug up the entire 40lb tree and is now dragging it around by its roots around the back yard. Okay, so I’m happy with my Husband, this beautiful day, a rambunctious Great Dane named Atticus, and my sleepy compadre, Tucker- our 10 year old Boxer taking a nap by my chair. (Shh, I think Tucker actually TELLS Atticus to be bad sometimes to make him look SO good).

While I am here pondering life, I thought about little MCK again—and all her wedding goodies that I’ve created for her thus far. Well, I’m not done yet! I present to you, her rehearsal dinner invitations!

She’s in the tail end of getting her wedding planning wrapped up (and I’m fortunate to have a secret ally in the camp that feeds me all the AMAZING design elements she’s incorporating—this wedding is going to be BEAUTIFUL!) and reached out to me for help with her rehearsal dinner. Now, generally speaking, most brides have a specific idea, or vision they want me to run with—but I am INCREDIBLY fortunate to know MCK and she trusts (for better or worse) my design judgments and let me run the gamete on these invitations. Everything was letterpressed onto Crane Lettra 110lb Pearl White paper in true blue, and my new favorite bright chartreuse color. She already had her wedding invitations made (and my goodness they are gorgeous), but upon looking at the damask florals that were used, I chose a font that had similar ‘flourishes, shwooshes (very technical term), and would lend the same feel. Enter in “Celebrate” and “RSVP.” How fun are THEY?

This certainly isn’t the last item I’ll be printing for the MCK and Peyton wedding, and I am so HONOURED to be asked to help with this wedding!! Thank you, AGAIN AND AGAIN, MCK!


Mckenzie said...

Liz - Everyone has been RAVING about the amazing bridal shower invites, the bridesmaid luncheon invites are out of this world and I was SO excited to put the rehearsal dinner invitations in the mail today! I can't WAIT to see the ceremony programs everything you design is so creative, unique, and CLASSY!

Love it all! Thanks so much for all your hard work - you're incredible!

Janet said...

Yeah for Liz!! Seriously you have outdone yourself. I can't wait to see the programs either.