Thursday, August 19, 2010

1 month from today...


In exactly 1 month from this very moment- My husband and I will be celebrating our 1 year married together. I almost can't believe it's already been a FULL year...

...of starting this letterpress business, of working 19 hour days and still laughing over who wants to clean up dinner, of painting the distastefully red shutters of our house black, of eating on china as opposed to just dishes, of watching Entourage and saying 'oh goodness, he's really going downhill now...," of playing with our boys outside, of giving little Tucker steak every night for his final year with us, of gleaming at our wedding rings together in bed and striking pure smiles, of being with family on vacations and wondering when ours will soon grace us, of house hunting, of record keeping, of pure and simple life.

It's been a great, almost, first year.

We still have 30 days till the big day, and because I work with brides every day of my life, it's time I said: ME TOO. Again! Mr. B and I will be having a photoshoot to kill all photoshoots on the the 19th of September. Location is tbd, but we're scounting out big fields with lots of open grassy areas and some trees nestled in. That inspiration board above was something I put together as I am styling the event {ask and I will deliver the location I found all these!}-- and we can't forget the wedding garb we'll be in-- only this time, Mr. B will in a bow-tie tuxedo {yum}. I have ordered enough flowers to alert the pollen authorities, and have more tricks up my sleeve to kill a magician.

What you don't see in that inspiration board is paper- and since you read this blog, I hope you all know me better than that. Year 1 is the paper-anniversary, and I will be printing the vows we read to each other on our wedding day as a poster in 6 colors {yes, you read that correctly, 6} and having it photographed to DEATH. Death I say. I've reached out Grace Edmands to help with some calligraphy and incorporating it into the process. To say I'm excited {about the poster, but really everything...} is an understatement. Can't wait to show you all the final results!

Stay Tuned!!

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