Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bella Florals & Amazing Calligraphy

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I hope Miss Brenna is reading this blog post today, because she has turned my world upside-down when she asked me to create some personal stationery for her!!

Miss Brenna and I met during college in North Carolina--what seems like a million years ago now {but not...}--and together with our VABEL {inside joke} entourage, we tore up the little sleepy town of Wilmington, NC. Things are a bit different now, some of us married off, some of us moved away, and some of us are still in Wilmington, NC living the dream. Miss Brenna is living that dream- that perfectly beautiful, wake up to a beach sunset every day, and heading to the water whenever the moment strikes. I miss that.

When I first talked about the Bella Floral stationery line, Brenna was all over it! I knew we would be creating something in her future. I had known for a while that Brenna was also an accomplished calligrapher- really specializing in more modern calligraphy & strokes. It's kind of fun, kind of grungy, and whole lot of unique. I had her write out her favorite quotes {and she sent ALOT} along with names, address, and all the important stuff when considering stationery. It was really hard for me to pick out my favorite quotes from her beautiful handwriting, but ultimately, we decided on one by Jack Kerouac, "Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless, and don't be sorry." I LOVE it- it was perfect for an envelope that will likely travel the world when she is writing her regards to friends she has met throughout her life. When considering where to put it on the envelope-- It had to be something unique and I tied it right into her return address with a fun frame to match the stationery. I had never printed anything like this before, and I'm honestly surprised it came out so well. Really. haha.

Because Miss Brenna prefers the cooler spectrum of colors, we decided on light aqua florals and a bit darker celery green-- the address was printed in a 'tonal' color to the envelope to ensure it would show up, but also blend right into the envelope. Everything was printed on Crane Lettra 110lb paper in Pearl White.

After working on this project together, I've asked Brenna's help in creating some unique posters and will be displaying them in the Etsy shop for the holidays! I am SO excited about them. Right now, the plan looks to be about 8 poster creations, but we'll see how many I can get into the printing process before the holidays are upon us. I can't believe I already need to start printing for the holidays!

If you are interested in personal stationery that is reminiscent of this one, let me know! We can create something custom just for you!

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