Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hi Wednesday, I wasn't expecting you yet

It's been a LONG few days in the B household and I'm completely shocked to learn it's already Wednesday. I'm even MORE shocked to learn that today is September 1. Really?

Mr B and I have just 18 short days to prepare for our 'photo shoot' and I haven't done anything to begin preparing the letterpress vow poster, OR gotten my wedding dress out to try back on {okay, that last one...I'm just plain too nervous to do yet}, or get his tuxedo out to the drycleaners {yes, he owns one...}, or, or, or.

Many many "or's" can follow that last paragraph.

This week I am working on some beautiful Boston skyline wedding save-the-dates, and finishing up some *amazing* calligraphy wedding invitations.

I am admitting this once again: I am incredibly backed up here on the blog. Like, 15-22 posts. I can't believe it kind of spirals out of control every once in a while, but it does! I am asking formally if there is anyone reading {are you out there?} that can take photos of my work for the purpose of the blog. The time it takes to take the photos, upload, edit, and upload into flickr makes me cringe and I'm just not that great at it anyway. haha. Anyone?

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Elizabeth Bardwell said...

Shannon--- I am ALL OVER shipping to CT. ;)

... would you really? We need to discuss. I'm eMailing immediately. Thank you hun!