Friday, September 10, 2010


Wow readers- this week has snuck up on me!

I've had the VERY amazing pleasure of meeting some new people this week, connecting with bridal-friends, and even being apart of a giveaway- my first ever!

I have a light weekend of printing this weekend- which is GREAT since I'm technically still 'styling' the anniversary shoot scheduled for next weekend. On that note, I CAN'T BELIEVE how quickly this month is flying by. I haven't even STARTED to think about holiday goodies and I'm already months behind on that. Whoops! I've got a few designs that are nearly ready to go to print soon, so the etsy shop will be exploding VERY soon!

So... I have a bit of printing and a lot of relaxation planned for this weekend. I can't wait for the TrueBlood season finale on Sunday, and the chance to clean our house a bit- don't laugh, it's really exciting to me to have a clean home. For now, however, I want to leave you with a little bit of fun that I uncovered this afternoon while on my normal blog-parade:

Erin Vey. I feel like her name as a sentence would be suffice, but she is my favorite FAVORITE pet photographers ever. She has a Dane named Gracie, and lives in Seattle. I would die for her to come and take photos of the boys {Atticus & Tucker} since I possess absolutely NO skills for photography whatsoever. Check out her website and galleries-- they'll make you want to run to your nearest adoption facility and pick out a new bestie {not that you wouldn't want to already... but you know, peer pressure.}

Happy Weekend!

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Shannon said...

Ok, I can't get enough of this girl's photography, I love it!