Thursday, October 28, 2010

And then there were two...

...just two little presses sitting in a studio, wondering which one gets to play with Mommy today.
... folks....
stop the presses.
Gable is not only a brother to Savannah the cutter, but also to Beau the letterpress, and I could not BE more happy to announce that news!

Gable, as you remember, is a 60 year old, 8x12 Chandler & Price platen press and I felt so comfortable working on a machine like that, I knew I needed to find another one-- a bigger one this time. Enter Vicki and her amazing presses. One of them went to my dear friend Elecia of The Dancing Pen Calligraphy {congrats Elecia!}, and the other, the 10x15 Chandler & Price, is now apart of our little family.

Logistically, I have no idea where it will fit, or how in the WORLD to scrub off 20 years of dirt and grime {it hasn't been run in at least that much time...}, but I'm up for the task. It will likely take me months to get this machine up and running to really assist in any of my printing, but you have to start somewhere!

I also want to stop for a moment and dedicate a little something to my Husband, who has so lovingly offered his assistance in MOVING this animal from Rhode Island to Massachusetts. Readers, this is NO small feat, and at 1700lbs, Beau is a terror that you never want to reckon with. We'll be using his company's portable storage unit to do the transporting and housing it in their warehouse until we can find alternative quarters. Thank you, sweety!

Beau, you had me at 'creak, creak.'

Yeah... this is a horrible blackberry photo. He's being smothered by a TON of old and discarded machinery and I was playing monkey just to be able to get a closeup!

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