Friday, October 8, 2010

Oh, Hey there...

{hands in pockets, kicking a pebble with right shoe, looking down...} Oh, Hey there, readers. So I... um... have no excuse. I've been a real bad blogger, and I'm sorry.

I'm going to remove my hands from their cozy pockets of safety and look at you sheepishly to say, I've been super busy in the studio lately, but I haven't forgotten about any of you. Please forgive me!

It's already OCTOBER, which means I'm 2 weeks behind on my holiday printing, and still have a slew of wedding invitations to finish up. That's, of course, on top of surviving my life that seems to be rapidly out of control these days. I can't believe I left you all hanging from the anniversary photo shoot too. Check out the AMAZING photos by Rachel Kate Photography here {I'll plug her for the rest of my life, she turned the most uncomfortable HOT and sweaty day into something magical for me and my husband}.

There is also some other AMAZING news to share, you will all start seeing some pretty fantabulous photography grace the blog by Shannon Sorensen, and as I start to build my new online shop, you'll also see her work on my etsy page for a short while. She has an eye for artistic beauty like I have never seen before, and I am SO excited to start showing her off to you all! {btw, she does weddings and all kinds of other photography, if you're in the market for a fun, fresh, and vibrant photographer for your next event- CHECK HER OUT!}

Blush Design Studio-100

Alrightydokaly, this post was primarily to tell you all that I am a} still alive, b}miss you all terribly, and c}will at least try very very hard not to do this radio-silence thing again.

This weekend: 2 wedding invitation suites and starting the holiday stationery fun!

Liz, Atticus, Tucker, Gable, & Savannah {pheww}.

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Monica said...

The pictures of you (and the letterpress vows) are beautiful! You're so pretty! What a wonderful idea to have an anniversary photo shoot.