Monday, November 15, 2010

"You print wedding stuff, right?"

LT Yellow-52LT Yellow-35LT Yellow-46LT Yellow-40LT Yellow-41

... Thats what my neighbor said to me this morning as I was collecting the trash barrels that had been rolling around in the middle of the street for god knows how long. Yeah, we're THAT repeat-offender neighbor who has their barrels rolling around the entire city because I refuse to wake up early to collect them. Just another Monday morning here. :p Actually, I think he made the comment because he saw the studio light on well past midnight last night as I was finishing up orders and getting ready for the influx of custom holiday orders. Oddly enough- I love staying up late and printing! I even caught an episode of The Walking Dead, my new favorite zombie show. {btw, in case those out there also follow the show, hit that weblink I just shared to take your 'Zombie Survival Quiz." You'll be happy to know that I ranked as a natural leader, which is a big joke to me, haha.}

Alright, enough zombie mention for one post. I want to show you all one of my favorite wedding invitations ever created {i'm biased}. Lynn was SUCH a doll to work with, and had the most amazing personality. Everything was printed in mustard yellow and bark brown inks and both the invitation & reception card were put on 220lb Crane Lettra stock in pearl white; the response card on 110lb Crane Lettra--she wanted an extra 'punch' to the invitation and reception cards and putting anything on the 220lb stock is the perfect way to do it! It's literally indestructable!

That little heavenly floral 'hug,' I mean bellyband, is one of my favorite elements; with several items in an invitation suite, I think it's important to 'wrap them up' somehow as opposed to letting them fly all inside of the envelope.

Congrats Lynn and Theo!


Liz @ MaisonTwenty3 said...

I wanna see pictures of that wedding! Gorgeous venue and it looks like the bride has gorgeous taste :)

Drmsnatchr said...

Thanks for everything Liz!!!!