Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I love right now...

Mason Jars.

The Husband and I have been considering a move to a larger home in 2011- kind of our resolution for the year: move into a larger home that we can actually afford and cut Husband's commute to work by at least half {right now, it's about and hour each way!}. Listen, he works some crazy hours {we're talking like he LEAVES for work at 6am and comes home around 8-9pm}, so the more time I can spend with him before he eats and falls asleep on the couch, the better.

Given that resolution, I've been dreaming of our next home and what it should look like; almost always going back to a white New England colonial with black shutters and off rooms off the sides of other rooms for fun things like a breakfast nook or mud room. Man, I would love a mud room- especially with Atticus. His only requirements are that it have at least a 2 car garage, and enough property to house a few more cars {he's an enthusiast...}.

I envision all sorts of fun things: lighting fixtures, window plantings, farmers porches... and I must have mason jars. Everywhere. I love them as that little touch of 'vintage' for any room, and stick a few fresh cut flowers in one of those, and its the easiest centerpeice in the world.
A few other photos that i'm lusting over:

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