Monday, August 22, 2011

thank you cards

This weekend, was busy.  Busy with trying to get the house in the order, myself in order, my sanity.  It all seemed to hit a bit of a head on Friday night when my husband and I normally go out to eat with friends-- generally to a bar of sorts-- and as soon as I walked in the door with my grey and white striped maxi dress, it was all everyone could do to NOT comment on my belly. 

I kind of dig the attention, I do, but when the women in the bathroom look at me with such sad eyes and say, "I'll bet you're ready to have that baby right about now, aren't you," what is one to say?  I generally just laugh it off and say, 'oh yes, she's making like a little different these days...' but the reality is that I'm just fine with where are our little bean is these days; she can stay in there and bake as long as she needs to because I know that the longer she's in there, the more developed she's going to be and the less problems we're all going to have. 

It surely doesn't stop the parents and friends from calling, texting, and eMailing on the status though-- and I love each and every one of the reach outs.  {Hey: we promise each of you that we'll let you know the moment we have some action to report!}  It's really sweet to know that so many people have us in their thoughts and we can't WAIT to show off little Baby B to everyone.  Particularly our parents.  All sets have been wonderful throughout this really tough time-- the move, the sudden activity of a wedding {!} then a baby {!!}, then a move {!!!}.  It's been a couple of years, I'm telling you. 

Wouldn't it be great to send virtual hugs- one where a little person could jump out of an eMail or text message and just embrace you like they haven't seen you in 10 years?  That would be great.  Until that technology is developed {just what *would* you do with that little person once the hug is complete...}, thank you notes are still the customary route.  For those of you not familiar with snail mail {dear husband, this means you...}, it's the ancient task of writing a letter with a writ utensil and paper*, sometimes with a purpose, and sending it to someone else at a specified address.  Haven't done one in a while? It's time to reconnect with your primitive side. 

I recently printed a round of letterpress cards {on Gable- who is performing perfectly since the disastrous move out of Massachusetts- he is my little trooper!} for folks that have showered us with gifts for our little baby girl.  Since it's been about 2 months since I've printed anything, it felt great to drip oil in each of the 28 oil holes, scrub down the rollers from their grody travels, and mix a new batch of ink to match my most favorite salmon colored envelopes.  ohh, I love printing... and I've missed it.   Thank you cardsThank you cards 3Thank you cards 2
* ... call me crazy, but no, you cannot consider your ipad, iphone, blackberry keyboard, or computer a writing utensil; and paper is paper folks. 

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