Tuesday, May 22, 2012

baby bells- nursery that became a room

Babies.  Babies.  Man, they grow up fast.  I always sort of rolled my eyes when I heard that from someone.  It's got to be the most cliche thing to say in the history of 'whatever,' or tight jeans... but it's true.  Baby girl is going to be 9months old this month.  9 months!  This is how long she was stretching and growing and hiccuping inside my belly.  Initially, the nursery we made for her was for a little baby...but as she's getting older and a ton more mobile, we've had to make a few tweaks. 

First, the colors...and fabric.  Paint color on the walls was OK with me... I still love the neutral lavender/grey, but I decided that I hated how 'grown up' her room was starting to look.  I wanted it to be put together, but not stuffy.  I went out on a limb and ordered an ungodly amount of fabric from Fabric.com.  If you ever have a few minutes to check that site out, don't, do yourself and your bank account a favor and just stay away.  Anyway, I ordered 3546 yards of fabric and proceeded to create the curtains {x4 108in}, a crib bumper, and a crib skirt.  All in the Dear Stella Yardsale line.  It's my favorite fabric on the planet-- so bright and cheery and really speaks to this little person's attitude. 

Second, the furniture.  Umm.  My husband is 6'6''.  Have I mentioned that on this blog?  He's huge.  Like bigfoot kind of huge.  Thankfully, he's super slim so it's the best of all worlds, but our daughter really took his genes in the height department.  In these photos you'll see that her changing table is still in the room... to be honest, I predict that gets to stay in that corner for maybe another 3 weeks before we donate it to the guest room; she is already way too long to be changed on it!  We were gifted the Malm dresser by my Mom and Dad for xMas, and I had some pretty groovy plans for it to go in our bedroom, but it just fit better in baby girls'.  I'm more of a vintage girl anyway... or as my husband would put it... I like more 'gypsy' things in our bedroom.  It's sadly true, so off went Malm into Bells' room.  I bought some overlays online and spray painted them a bright turqoise to match one of the flowers in the curtains.  Easy, cheap, and maybe took me 20 minutes to apply.  I like how it brightens up an otherwise boring dresser.  Hi, Hello, these are HUGE drawers too and hold an incredible amount of stuff.  Highly recommended for a child's room.  
Third, the 'stuff.'  Not too much else is new in the room with the exception of a pouf I made for her {in the process became painfully aware of how NOT great I am with piping....}, a really awesome ombre toy basket we found, and her father's newest addition, a Giraffe TV.  Okay moving on, nothing left to see here.  Wait.  Yes.  Yes, I did.  I just said that my husband bought her a giraffe TV.  I wish I were kidding.  It's a stuffed giraffe with a TV in it's body.  It's a really good TV too, with HDMI inputs and everything.  We never had anything this nice when we were kids.  Then again, we only got to see and touch a giraffe at the zoo... even then, i'm not sure we were able to touch them...
I'm still not sure how I feel about a TV in her room.  We've never even turned it on in the whole 3 months it's been in there with the exception of when we first plugged it in to make sure it worked.  We'll play this one by ear...is there a weird giraffe joke I can use here?  I feel like I need one... insert one if you know one...
Fourth, and lastly, some artwork.  For months, we were staring at blank ikea frames.  She still has 2 in her room that I'm trying to fill with actual photographs, but i'm working on it.  These two I water color painted... and if you could stifle your laughter for a hot second, no, they obviously don't require any kind of skill to create.  The quote I saw on pinterest somewhere, the second is a just a few colors I really loved.  Nothing crazy going on here!  The elephant painting I bought from a street vendor in New Orleans {probably my favorite place on earth, fact}; I loved the colors and... c'mon... it's an elephant with a cape.  Who wouldn't buy that in a heartbeat.  This girl. 

I just typed a lot of words about a baby's room... but I'm proud of this gypsy space.  I hope it leads to many creative times for our little Bells.

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