Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Walkers - 2012

Hi November-- How are you?  You scared me!  Sneaking up on us and all. 

What an eventful 7 days after Halloween, no?  We had a hurricane hit the northeast {!!}, an election {!!!}, freezing temps, AND... we're already getting Christmas commercials on TV.

Are you all back to see how Walkers - 2012 took over Suwanee, GA?  It was pretty exciting, I assure you, and we had a GREAT time getting the front yard ready for walker bait. 

It's starts with a little makeup.  Bells actually got an ear infection 2 days before Halloween, so we opted not to paint her up, but I went to town.  I'm not proud of it. 
Then it was time to get the front doors ready.  I started with my 'panels' of brown kraft paper that I put a bazillion red hand prints on {those dark grey blocks at the bottom are supposed to resemble kick plates...}
Then I took the two panels outside and spray painted the famous, 'DON'T OPEN' and 'DEAD INSIDE' words to the front.  I had husband hold the panels up as I sprayed them {very close to the paper and SUPER heavy} so they would drip.  Sorry no pics of this action since we only had a few minutes before Baby Girl woke up from her nap... but here is a pic of one panel on the door: UntitledUntitled
I found some chains at Wal-Mart for a few bucks and threw them through the door handles-- thankfully they didn't scratch the finish!
Sorry for the weird sun pics, it was just starting to get dark and I had to get baby girl some dinner.  I topped all of this off with a ton of dirty hand prints on the front columns and the garage doors- don't worry, it was just potting soil and water. It's not nearly as easy to hose off as I thought, though...
We tried to make it look like Walkers were coming inside the garage... ehh.  It was scary enough.  Then we let a little Walker-Baby walk on in...fearless I tell you.
We have a video I took at night of the doors lit up with the strobe light we stashed next to a flower pot, but its so dark, you can't really make it out.  We had a GREAT time decorating the house this year and I'm already thinking of themes for next year... maybe Dorothy with her giant Great Dane pup, Toto?  We'll see next year!

(also, it looks like Papa Bear is about to get punched in his zombie brains)
Video taken at night in the midst of crazy kids walking by, in case you're curious: 
*btw, 20 seconds after I put my phone awway from this video, a little irritating boy said to me: "don't you know that strobe lights can cause seizures?" I kid you not readers, if you could have seen my face as I said, "is it working?" you would have... been a Walker with me...
Till next time!