Thursday, October 17, 2013

jet plane

Hello everyone! 

Quick check in to let you all know I'm taking off on a jet plane today... to San Francisco! 

The hubs got me flights to the good ol' west coast for our anniversary so I could partake in a much talked about class offered by Amber over at Flywheel Press.  The class is a full 3 days of intensive training around the Heidelberg Windmill... and since my press has been giving me the stink eye for not learning how to run it, I decided its high time to get on this horse.  Tons of folks in the industry have taken the class Amber offers and swears by her methods and techniques, so I'm excited to head to the land of sun and learn.  Check out this post by Eva & Kirk at Sycamore Street Press who took the class earlier this year). 

... I also get to visit with a certain friend that just moved her whole life over there in June, and I am so excited, I could graffiti happy faces all over my body.  She and I go way way way back and I couldn't imagine my first time to San Fran with anyone else.  Follow me on instagram and facebook for full reports of our shenanigans.  And no judging. 

Back on Monday!

photo credit: pinterest

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