Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello, Yellow!

Hello, weekend! Weekend- Yellow, Yellow- weekend. Now that you two have met, let me just tell you what Yellow has done for my weekend: Fullfilled it.

There is something about the color yellow that can make the most unfriendly of folks turn that frown upside down. It's bright, it's cheery, it's clean, and it's on the verge of a 'dangerous color.'

When Miss Stephanie reached out to me and gave me a few photo suggestions of what she wanted-- she really only stated one thing: it has to be yellow. She even stated in a note to me: "It just relays happiness. What's better than that?" Um. No, nothing is. Love this girl!

These invitations were super fun to print. The damask print towards the top was custom designed based on photographs that Stephanie had found online, and the inspiration for the chandelier and lamp post- all Miss *Remember
that post about the chandelier nearly aiding in my suicide? Thankfully after Atticus and the stuffed moose saved the day, these invitations were much more enjoyable to print!* and even included my first pass at full-print bellybands (... that story is for another time, but those bellybands and I had a LONG bonding experience, ha!).

The invitation suite was printed on Crane Lettra 110lb Pearl stock, and paired with the most perfect yellow envelopes one could ever find. We're currently working on the rehearsal dinner invitations- and I can't WAIT to show you all those!

Congratulations Stef and Jon!


Jon, Stef, Remy said...

They are simply perfect. Thank you, we love you!

AZ in August said...

Beautiful, I love the pop of the yellow. Liz is absolutely the best!

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

Thanks so much, girls!!! Stef- you are such a wonderful person-- this is well deserved, Congratulations again!! :)