Monday, February 22, 2010

Wedding In Southern Massachusetts

Whole Suite

I almost wish I could share the eMail strings between me and Karyn; she is one of the brightest, most beautiful, and happiest people I have had the pleasure to meet! When she and I decided to meet and discuss the prospect of letter pressing her wedding invitations- she came with her entourage of her fiance, Craig, Mother, and Father. They were all so kind, polite, and the type of people you could just wrap up in your coat and take home with you. All so perfect! And... might I add, the nicest folks in the world to drive all the way from Southern Massachusetts to meet me in my neck of the woods- Framingham. We met at a Barnes and Noble, perched in the magazine department with my computer, external hard drive, paper samples, and a TON of ideas.

I have to admit here...Craig is the mastermind behind the perfect flourish, all I did was help recreate it (lucky for me, I noticed it's a series of fonts!). It's beautiful-- and one of my favorite things to print with Gable; there is something about those crisp little lines hitting the paper that's not even funny.

We decided to print these on Pearl White 110lb Crane Lettra paper, and mounted the invitation on Night 5x7 cards from the Paper-Source, and response envelopes to match. Those were printed in silver ink. I LOVE navy and silver. It's quite possibly my new favorite combination of colors to print with. See the response card? Yeah, it's awesome. It's actually that perfect flourish design sort of on steroids- and I can't get enough of it! The pearl outer envelopes were printed in the same dark navy ink (perfectly mixed to match the Night cards we were using). We even printed 2x2 favor tags!! Oh-- those are my second favorite piece of this suite, mostly because all of their guests get to take home a little bit more of the letterpress-goodness!

Congratulations Karyn and Craig!! I wish you both all the best-- thank you!!


AZ in August said...

Beautiful!! Did you letterpress the return address too? Insanely beautiful!

Oh and I love the blog-redesign :o)

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

Hey there! :) I did! We ended up doing silver letterpress on the night envelopes and navy ink on the pearl outer envelopes. They are so beautiful in person-- these photos just don't do it justice. :)

And thanks, hun! The blog will always be a work in progress! ha.