Sunday, March 7, 2010

a bright sunny day with yellow everywhere!


The yellow wedding is back! This time with rehearsal dinner invitations!

Last I left you in the
Hello, Yellow! post, the beautiful bride to be, Stef, was diligently scoring and folding those belly bands getting them ready for their departure-- it turns out, that the groom wanted to add another activity to their to-do list with these invitations: sniffing and molesting the paper. Yes, it's true, letterpress is a black art that creeps into the brain and makes you do unconscious actions- like caressing and molesting paper. I prefer to use the word cuddling, but when I read in an eMail what was happening to the invitations since I had shipped them off to the bride and groom, I couldn't stop laughing- for a while!

The bride is such a doll (and good sport after this blog... ha!), she even reached out to me to help design and print their rehearsal dinner invitations too! We had the best time coming up with wording- it's really hard to find that happy medium of fun and playful, with serious and 'please show up here for a good time,' but Stef and Jon were up to the task. I only had two requirements from them: 1) there had to be yellow (of course, next...) and 2) there had to be silhouettes. Done. Sold.

I LOVE the silhouette look in stationery. It's so crisp, clean, and beautiful-- ohyesplease. We custom created the two little characters to match Stef and Jon. I must say, Jon looks like he should be surfing in this photo- it's a little California-esq, haha.

Congrats, you two!!


Jon, Stef, Remy said...

Oh Liz, we love you! Yes, I molested my invites haha. They just are amazing! I do agree, Jon needs to go surfing soon! Thanks for being so amazing! What would we do without you?

Elizabeth said...

Ooooh lovelovelove the silhouette. I also molested my invites.