Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is Here!

Middle of Spring FlingBlue pink greenpink yellow purpleYellow and Green

My goodness. It's been a WILD winter, no? Wait-- did we have winter, or was it just one million gallons of water, I can't remember?

Well folks. It's been a week or so since I've updated anything, and I really missed updating the blog! I'm so sorry I went away! I have a TON of new and fun things to update you all on, but I thought I would start with something VERY close to my heart: Spring!

Today is officially the first day of spring---I love spring. Everything about it. I love the rain (yes, I know, I HATE that our basement flooded with 5 inches of rain on Monday afternoon- but the rain gives way to better and brighter things, which leads me to my next item...). I LOVE the flowers. C'mon, you've heard it-- 'April showers brings May flowers.' Well, we get flowers in March, too. I walked outside of the house today, greeted by the 71* air, and looked down at my 'landscaping.' Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I have a black-thumb when it comes to flower raising, but I kid you not, I was taken aback when I saw these beautiful little purple flowers fighting their way through my poorly distributed mulch. I have no idea what they're called- and really, they are neighbors I didn't even expect to be popping up (I don't think...), but they looked at me with their 5 little petals of beautiful lavender and yellow centers and said: "we love you." They did, I swear.

I think they're weeds. Whatever, I haven't seen a real 'flower' in New England in 6 months-- they're staying; even if they bring the plague with them, ha!

To mark their glorious arrival, I've decided to launch my 'Spring Fling' limited edition coaster packs! I've created 8 different flowers--- you've all seen them, they're inspired by ALL of my invitation sets--- in 8 fun and springy colors. I can't get enough of them!! I have 30 packs for sale at my
etsy shop, and have a few packs of individual flowers too (i.e. the packs are 8 of the same color and flower) available as well.

These, my friends, followers, and family, are my greatest creation. Sure, the wedding invitations and stationery are fun beautiful (I'm biased)-- but these, are 'me.' So JOIN me in celebrating SPRING!!


AZ in August said...

Beautiful coasters! Love your work Liz!! :o)

Sarah B. said...

These are so lovely I will just have to purchase some!

Also, those delightful little spring flowers that come up no matter how icky the ground or nasty the weather...they are crocuses. :-)