Saturday, March 6, 2010

Miss Alison is a Bride!


Oh yes- it's going to happen. We are going into super-charged floral-land... but the story behind these is just too good to pass up...

Katherine reached out to me via my Etsy page on February 23 and wanted to have floral bridal shower invitations made for her friend of a million years (I'm exaggerating), Alison. On a tight timeframe due to a trip a trip overseas, Katherine requested that these beauties be printed and in her hand before her March 7 shove-off to a far-away-land.

Oh goodness. At first, I was skeptical that it could even get done, but I knew in the end that Gable (and my platemaker!) would come through. Both did fabulously. You see, each design I create requires its own plate; and similarly, each color also warrants it's own plate. These bridal shower invitations required the use of two plates: the florals, and the text. Since I've been printing enough of the florals to litterally start growing them out my ears, I already had the plate ready to go, and printed the chartreuse florals as I ordered the plates for Katherine's text. A couple overnight deliveries later, and the invitations arrived to their destination ready to surprise the bride-- and with 1 day to spare. Pheeww!!

To Katherine- you were amazing to work with! Thank you for burning the midnight-oil with me to get the design ready to go so quickly, have fun on your adventure!! To Alison- CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding, and have a GREAT time at your shower!

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