Saturday, March 6, 2010

Save The Date: A Nautical Wedding


Hello, Purple. You're my new favorite color. What a pleasant surprise to be able to print my favorite colors this weekend! With the bright sun dancing across Gable and I as we printed, I couldn't help but wonder, "is this what heaven is like?"

Okay, I jest, but it was really such a wonderful weekend here in Boston that it made printing such a joy, I almost don't want to stop (lets not play games, I'm in the middle of finishing up the 'Spring Fling' coaster set about to launch on etsy, and I love every min. of this 50* weather!), but know that my legs will give out at some point after my 40 hours of printing this weekend.

Liz reached out to me after I launched my 'tie the knot' invitations on etsy. She, and her Fiance, Nathan, are exchanging their vows this November at the early-American Nautical Art room in the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA- umm, hello perfect. If I had any rope lying around, I would have formed it into a smiley face next to these invitations as I was photographing them. I love anything and everything nautical, especially on stationery. (If you are interested in this design, check out my etsy shop!) I actually bought a nautical-type bell for the studio. Why? It was pretty. No other reason than that. I actually ding it when I'm finished with an order now; because I can, ha.

Back to Liz and Nathan- Congratulations! I found a tip on google for your wedding: Pouring wine on the deck will bring good luck on a long voyage. So there ya have it, throw wine onto a random boat in November as you exchange vows, and you're sure to have a long and lucky voyage together! No go! Set Sail! (I'm having tooo much fun with this!).

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