Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Summer Wedding in MA


Now THESE invitations, I have been waiting to show you for a very special post; a very special post that I can honestly say without wavering: had I known about this design in my head about a year ago- these would have been MY wedding invitations. Everything from the dotted border frame, to the floral monogram used at the top (ahem… from the last post we revealed by new last name to be Bardwell. C’mon!), to the punchy, bright, and summery colors- right down to the font used in everything.

I. Am. In love.

When Jillian and I were initially chatting about her vision, she was looking for a simple, modern, and somewhat whimsical-flourish monogram, and strict, scripted fonts- all in black ink. Well, that just wasn’t Jillian and Bobby. The more we were designing around that scheme, the more we were ALL realizing it just didn’t fit their tented shin-dig to be hosted in June. What DID fit, however, was as soon as she described her color scheme (such as her bridesmaids wearing black dresses and carrying hot pink/fuchsia and orange flowers with a tiny bit of bright green thrown in there), I knew it was decided: we needed color.

Of course, Mr. Bobby put both Jillian and I under a strict gag order not to use the color pink. Boo.

Fortunately, Jillian was able to wear him down and we ended up with a light pink on all those beautiful reception cards (Ok, if you really want to know, Jillian and I decided that since the pink isn’t used for the MAIN invitation, nor is it on the response cards they will be getting back, that Bobby wouldn’t really know it was there, right? RIGHT?). Well, the girls won this battle, and we even squeaked by with a beautiful blush pink response envelope for our decidedly perfect response cards. I just don’t see enough vertical response cards out there! I matched the green ink for the invitations with the green outer envelopes we had chosen together and I just LOVE the end result!! Jillian and Bobby: It was SUCH a pleasure working with you two, and I can’t wish you both enough happiness for the future to come! Congratulations on the wedding and THANK YOU!!!!

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AZ in August said...

Love the floral arrangement on the reception card. Oh and I love the font. Love it!