Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer Wedding


Ladies, Gents, Friends, and Family—let me start this post by officially stating that I LOVE spring time. I LOVE that it’s 80* today, and I LOVE that we no longer have water in our basement. It’s been a wild couple of weeks, both personally (with the flooding), and professionally (with Blush and printing) and I have some BEAUTIFUL items to show you over the next few posts. I’m quite personally attached to the newest pieces that I’ve printed; mostly because they all contain trace elements that I’ve designed for myself- as personal stationery- morphed into what could work for wedding invitations, luncheon invitations, and the like.

I realized the other week that I literally have NO personal stationery. None. And I’m a stationer. I got to thinking what my favorite elements on paper were; of course there was no surprise to hear that florals made up the entire list. There is something so calming about walking outside on a bright sunny day and seeing that little wild flower (that most would call a weed) have the most sparkling violet-blue petals peering out of (very) poorly manicured grass. I just described our front yard, much to my husband’s dismay; I love our little weeds with blue flowers.

Without further ado, I would love to introduce you to Nicole and Dan’s wedding invitations! Nicole had reached out to me a few weeks ago to help design her wedding invitations for her June 26th wedding. Yes—that’s June 26th folks—just a few months out. Her reply date of May 28th is actually what scared me the most since I knew that 4 weeks before THAT date was MY deadline. They presented me with THE most beautiful inspiration board (really, It’s a dream to have this inspiration board—there are SO many elements we could have chosen!) full of birds, bright yellows, and just lovely lovely paper!! We ran full steam ahead with a floral and bird motif and incorporated swallows for the post card RSVP and my personal ‘thank you card’ florals for the invitation. I was able to also morph the florals into a monogram (thankfully we all shared the letter ‘B’ in our last name!) for the ‘additional information’ card.

All items were letterpressed by me and Gable (c’mon, we all know Gable by now…) on Crane Lettra and a lovely new Cotton Rag that I now carry (and takes and impression like you WOULD. NOT. BELIEVE.) full time-I love it that much.

Nicole and Dan: I had SO much fun printing these invitations, and I just adore you two! Thank you so much for letting me apart of this day with you—I wish you both all the best!!

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