Thursday, May 20, 2010

Floral Stationery


... yes, these are from 3 different people's personal stationery that I printed, but I thought it would be neat to showcase them all together. As you can tell, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to print florals. I love designing them, drawing them, smelling them, playing with them, photographing them, everything. I love flowers. ;)

Just in case you weren't tired of it by now, the last photo up there is of my personal favorite- the floral monogram and has been featured on more invitations I print than I care to mention- but lookout, because it's going to be incorporated into a full line of 'stationery for purchase' on my etsy store sometime next week!

All images were printed on the 140lb Cotton Rag (that is my FAVORITE new paper to print on-- the impression quality is AMAZING) in the bone color. Please excuse the incredibly amateur photography skills.


[isobel sage] said...

love the flower on the top one! what's the name/style of that note?

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

It remains unnamed at the moment! ;) It was for a personal stationery order; Rebecca's sister ordered them for her as a graduation gift! I have every intention of continuing that floral line, ha!