Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arizona in August


As you can probably tell, I'm on a post bonanza. I will try to catch you all up to speed with what I've been working on, and you can hopefully forgive me for dropping off the face of the earth for a few weeks while I was getting myself back into the swing of things. Actually, this is all pretty new to me- the business that is to say- to bear with me as I try to continue posting pretty pictures and keeping my sanity!

Today, I have the VERY immense pleasure of presenting to you an invitation suite that has been sitting on my plate for a very long time. Jenni reached out to me sometime last year to work on her wedding invitations and told me that her theme was a particular rock formation in the Grand Canyon where her wedding to Dirk would take place. HOW BEAUTIFUL! I created a vector design of the formation and we used a decidedly perfect color pallet to tie everything together.

I tried something a little different with the invitation piece- which was printed on the 220lb duplex weight, Ecru, Crane Lettra stock- essentially, to get a solid image of the rocks, I had to flood a significant portion of the paper with ink. I've never tried flooding before! Traditionally speaking, flooding is taking up the whole page with ink; baby steps, folks, baby steps. I was careful on my ink mixtures to not have too much (you don’t want too much anyway) when printing the text over the rocks—overall, I think they came out beautifully!!
The reception and response cards were both letterpressed on ecru 110lb Crane Lettra paper and paired with metallic pink and wine colored envelopes.

Want more on Miss Jenni—oh right, of course. She is amazing. She also hosts a blog of her own Arizona adventures here and almost always has a link to a contest or promotion going on at way cool stores. Listen up, she has won a TON of stuff with these, so get in on that action!

Oh, in case you were wondering how in the world a letterpress machine works, I should mention that I have videos of the printing process!! I took a myriad of photos and even videos of our little Gable going to town on these invitations. I just need to crop out the big wet nose of Atticus…such a lush for attention.

Congratulations Jenni & Dirk!


AZ in August said...

I love our invites!! :o) But I'm sure everyone loves your work!

Dancing Pen said...

The flood came out AMAZING, looks very smooth! :) Another beautiful job, Liz.