Saturday, May 1, 2010

Personalized Moving Announcements


OH HI!! Am I excited about these OR WHAT? One of my best girl friends just recently moved to the most killer apartment in downtown Richmond, VA and I basically forced her to let me create some personalized moving announcements. I couldn't help myself.

See, little Ali and I met while in college in NC-- what feels like a million years ago-- and she is the sweetest lady IN the world. She's also little-- as in barely over 5ft tall. You could fold her up and put her in your pocket she's so cute and adorable. We were fortunate that where we went to school was also located right smack dab next to one of my favorite beaches in the whole wide world: Wrightsville Beach-- and what could possibly be the BEST thing to have at the beach?

Yeah, thats right: it's a beach cruiser. Complete with a little wooden basket (to throw your heels in after hitting the beach bars hard) and MAYBE pegs on the back to ensure passenger safety. Little Ali had the best beach cruiser in the world.

When a big girl job presented itself, little Ali jumped on it and migrated back to Richmond, VA where she's originally from. She left her fabulous beach cruiser in hopes of greener pastures and has recently moved into one of THE MOST FABULOUS apartments I have ever seen-- and I've only had the pleasure of drooling over photos. Folks, she has double doors leading to her bedroom, C'MON!!

Killer apartment aside, her favorite colors are in the coral family and taking just a little bit of inspiration from the most amazing beach cruiser in the world, I created these for her. You're probably wondering 'why I don't have fabulous photos of the letterpressed glory,' right?

I literally got so excited about this design that I had to share these with you now- installment 1 of 2. We're going to print these on bright white Crane Lettra 220lb duplex paper (this stuff is seriously thick!) in light coral/peach and light taupe colors with matching envelopes. Oh yeah, and we're going to gocco screen-print the white beach cruiser-- AND... just for kicks, I'm ALSO going to edge paint the cards in a metallic cappuchino/taupe color.

You'll notice the card has a pattern on the back? Oh yes--this is a perfect time for us to chat because I want to introduce my newest and to-date most lucrative idea: My very own stationery line!! I will be designing a set of 15 cards and patterns that can be personalized any which way you like for any situation/event out there! I can't WAIT to show you all what I've been working on!

If you are interested in this pattern for your next event- reach out to me! I would love to customize this for you!

Stay tuned for pics of these beauties in all their letterpress goodness!

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