Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pierre Deux Promo Coasters


Remember that motor we just had installed? It was because of THIS order. I can't believe how quickly I was able to print these 2000 coasters and 500 belly bands!

Pierre Deux reached out to me via etsy to help them print 500 promotional packs of coasters for some upcoming design events. I am SO excited to say that I not only survived, but I am so pleased with how everything turned out!

Each pack was assembled with 4 coasters: 1 red balloon (from one of their famous fabric prints), 1 green logo, 1 red logo, and 1 green sunflower designed from several pieces of their work, I found it used here on drinking glasses. I may or may not want several drinks after finishing these...). Each pack of 4 coasters had a bellybands wrapped around with their logo in a shade of blue to match their site, and put inside a clear poly bag.

I feel I owe it to you all to show you these next two photos:


Note a few things:

A) Big A was there with me the WHOLE time I was wrapping these

B) Yes, that IS RedBull- and not the sugar free kind. We needed the full rounds of ammo for this order.

C) The old motor for Gable IS still in the house (anyone know what to do with those?)

D) That remote right there indicates that I was cooped up in the living room watching the ENTIRE season 1 of TrueBlood. Admittedly, that wasn't terrible since I love that show (for those of you that DON'T know, I'm a huge TrueBlood fan, and yes, I will be wearing my Merlotte's t-shirt on it's June 13th season premier drinking none-other than the elusive bottle of TrueBlood Orange drink my Husband got for me...)

All in all, the process of printing was VERY manageable, but only because of the motor. I would have been dead and in the ground had I printed these coasters with the foot treadle. The assembly- that's what took the longest. It was, however, the best for the coasters since they'll be dropped into promo bags later.

THANK YOU, PIERRE DEUX!! I would love this duvet set now, kthanks. ;)

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