Friday, June 25, 2010

knot save-the-date

Knot Post CardsKnot Post Cards 2

I feel fortunate, very fortunate, that I get the incredible pleasure of making people happy with paper. I mean, if you really sit down and think about it, paper is just another resource in this world and it's literally everywhere we go. Post-it notes adorn walls of offices, checks enable us to pay our bills (most of us use the online banking, but your utilities are still getting paper checks cut from the bank...), name tags at a silly convention that read: "Hello, my name is Stupid, I'm with Her..,;" it's truly amazing what paper can do once you manipulate it. I mean, with 1 silly piece of recycled and tinted cotton, we can have a piece of paper worth $1000.

Letterpress takes the manipulation of paper one step further with the indentation it leaves behind, and the results are simply stunning- I'm biased, but I think some of you will agree...

I've been playing around with new printing methods, printing front-to-back, patterns, flooding, etc. and I'll always be amazed at the results-- mostly because the paper is really what dictates what you can and can't create! It's like a dance...step too far to the right and you're liable to step on your partners toes, and like letterpress, if you step too far in, you're liable to end up too far in the backyard of the paper (i.e. the other side).

These save-the-date post cards are a perfect example of that careful dance. Kathryn and Mike are just amazing people; I was able to meet with the both of them while they were visiting family in Boston (they live elsewhere-- and I was fortunate enough that they wanted to meet with little ol' me on THEIR VACATION!). Once they described to me their color scheme of a golden-bright yellow and clover green for their wedding, the save-the-date's fate was sealed. ;)

Knots are just adorable, so we ran with them, and since they wanted a post card to be sent out, we printed everything on pearl white 220lb Crane Lettra duplex stock. We can typically get away with printing small designs front and back on the 110lb stock (or 140lb cotton rag), but with such large forms as this one-specifically the knots, we needed to kick it up a notch. I am IN LOVE with the impression Gable was able to get on the yellow knots both on the front, and back, of these cards. I wish they made 3-d computers (because really, what isn't already in 3-d these days...) so you all could really see the impression for all it's glory.

We'll be printing their wedding invitation very soon, so stay tuned!! Thanks Kathryn & Mike!

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