Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new and improved personal/business stationery!

Personal StationeryPersonal Stationery 4Personal Stationery 3business card

Well, my goodness, I am a jerk. I meant to write this SUPER meaningful post to go along with these photos (taken with the new Nikon-- be nice, I'm still learning how to use all 7 million features on this thing... most importantly, how to play with lighting!).

You've all seen some of this photos before, hopfully in better quality this time, ha!, but I wanted to point out something REALLY magical on those wrap around personal labels of mine-- Mrs. Elecia Fogg of the Dancing Pen wrote out my new name in her stunning calligraphy-hand. Listen, I don't pretend to have good handwritting (I'll be lucky if banks can read my numbers...), so the idea of someone having such PERFECT handwritting that it evokes feelings of ancient times of princesses writing to their prince charmings on parchment paper in gooey ink-- blows. my. mind.

If you're looking for calligraphy, Elecia has been a doll to work with and I really value her as a friend (she's just gotten into letterpress too!!). Check out her blog HERE or her etsy store HERE. THANK YOU, Elecia!!


Dancing Pen said...

Ooh, who did that calligraphy on that card that saus "Elizabeth Bardwell"??? lol... :)

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

Holy god, your right!!!! I DIDN'T write that in?!?! WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING... updating immediatly. haha. I didn't write anything for this post, i'm such an idiot. ;)