Tuesday, June 22, 2010

romantic rose

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Oh the joy. The JOY of a new week! :) I had a particularly good weekend here in Boston with my husband, 2 boys, and our new 'roommate,' Scott. Scott is actually my husband's brother and just as adorable as my husband- just on a younger scale. You may remember from a previous post that the Husband's parents and brother, Super-Baby Bardwell, lived in Moscow. Well, Super-Baby Bardwell isn't so 'baby' anymore, and will be joining the prestigious gathering of Boston University in the fall. In the meantime, he will be staying with us, in our most humble abode. Folks, this kid cleans. And REALLY cleans well. It's amazing; like he and the magic eraser were separated at birth, so it's an absolute pleasure to have him with us for the summer!

Unfortunately, the WHOLE weekend wasn't as amazing- I managed to fall in a completely open street on Saturday evening and give myself the most incredible road rash all all over my right knee that I'm not sure I can even stand today. Really. I feel like a wimp, but this HURTS! I'm a burn victim in better clothing. I'm a Neosporin-addict. I'm an idiot. I fall ALL the time, often just from random walking, and shoes or not, make no difference. I fell about 2 years ago at a train station in DC and managed to fracture my right ankle. At this particular time, I'm thankful to have Gable on a motor so I don't have to foot treadle my next few print orders.... there has to be something about my right leg that my body is trying to abort. Moving on...

Today I have the most amazing pleasure of showing you the 'Romantic Rose' invitation suite that I designed for Laura and her Fiance Jeff. Laura is one of those souls in this world that you can't help but want to hug and smile around-- and I've only had the pleasure of chatting with her via eMail. She had purchased some stationery for her wedding (placecards) that she adored, but wanted a more 'personal' experience with her actual invitation stationery. She had a theme of 'roses' around the wedding, and colors of navy and gold (one of my absolute favorite color-combos) so we went to town on vintage roses and dotted frames. I've spoken about what letterpress is best at (it's best at a lot of things), but small-ish line art, details, etc are spectacular in print.

Everything was printed on 140lb cotton rag paper in an antique ivory and paired with navy and antique gold envelopes (which I was able to match the gold ink on the outer envelope- the return address to). I may have a new camera, but there is no picture in the world to replace you being able to FEEL what these roses do to the paper when it's printed, it's beautiful!!

I can't thank you enough, Laura and Jeff!! Congratulations!!

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[isobel sage] said...

three things:
1. i had no idea scott was living with you guys for a whole summer--how fun!
2. haven't you learned your lesson about heels and cobblestone??
3. i miss you, my talented friend!