Thursday, June 10, 2010

Personal & Business Stationery

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Oh goodness, this has been a long time coming. With the new redesign of the blog-site (Thanks, Erica!), I knew I needed to change my image. My favorite color is, and will always be, a peachy-salmon pink/peach-- what better than to design my personal & business stationery around that and my new hummingbird logo??

I just love how everything turned out. For the most part, I left the 'cards' empty of my company name/logo or personal name so that I can interchangeably use them both whenever I need to-- either business or personally related.

My little hummingbird... I can't tell you how well he printed. I took a regular, ordinary design of a hummingbird and utilized florals to punch it up a notch. I was worried that I had made a rookie-design mistake of making them too intricate for letterpress, but thankfully, it all worked out-- and perfectly, I might add!!

Everything was printed on the most lovely 140lb cotton rag-- it is a fantastic stock, and I will be carrying it full time now as well as the Crane Lettra. If you're looking for an impression without breaking the bank, take a look at this 140lb cotton rag, it is phenomenal!

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erica | wicked bride said...

Ooooh - these are beautiful Lizzie! I know I got a bit of a "sneak peek" at your house recently - but to see the end result is just awesome. LOVE the new branding!