Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stationery Line: Bella Florals

Aviary Bella1Aviary Bella3Bella1Bella21 copy

Now presenting- Bella Florals!

A modern twist on the traditional business envelope, this letterpress stationery is available in 2 options, one with a hummingbird (the 'Aviary'), and the other with just a whole bunch of flowers (the 'Classic Bella'); both designs are available with customizable text (names, poems, whatever you can think of!).

Available on etsy now in packs of 30 with kraft envelopes included for $40 + shipping.


[isobel sage] said...

i LOVE these adorable little cards! i cannot wait until i have my own set, and i love love love the adorable lil hummingbird in your classic colors. following you on etsy, i still have to decide which set i want! they're both so cute!

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

Yay!!! Whichever you want, hun-- I'm so there for ya! ;)

Secretly I'm hoping you pick WITH the little birdy (I have others to choose from)!!