Monday, June 14, 2010

Romantic Wedding in Chicago


Oh goodness-- what can I say about these invitations that hasn't already been thought of by just LOOKING at them? Miss Agata reached out to me looking for an invitation suite for her and Bob's romantic Chicago wedding-- not only were they on a tight timeline in terms of sending out their invitations, but they also weren't sure what they were looking for in terms of any graphical designs. They presented to me one of my printed pieces-- a rehearsal dinner invitation from McKenzie and Peyton's wedding a few months back-- and were looking for something typographically heavy as opposed to graphically heavy; I couldn't WAIT to design something around that! I mean, just think-- how many FONTS we get to choose from!!

The ever popular Bickham font was my ally here, and pair that with the 220lb Crane Lettra Duplex paper and you have magic folks, pure and simple. Okay, Gable and I helped a little. Agata and Bob's colors were neutrals (how PERFECT?!, that's how I would describe romance, too!!) and we decided on opalescent metallic champagne envelopes with a mocha colored ink for everything. We went a little different on the reply card and made it an A2 size (4.25x5.5in). I would say that the majority of wedding invitation suites present the response cards in the traditional 4bar size (3.5x5in); they're cute, they fit into any design, and easy enough to side in an envelope. Since we were working with a very lush, romantic design, we couldn't just stop with fun fonts, we went 'lush' on the size of the response card too. I love the end result! Bytheway, I call that little 'website card' a cuteness tag. Future clients, listen up-- those are too much for me to print, and can seriously display things like websites, names/dates, or just little graphics to help punch up a wedding suite really easily. I may or may not be suggesting that with every single print order from here on out. ;)

These were so much fun to print, and I can't wish more luck to Agata and Bob who have already stolen my heart with their wedding invitations!! All the best, you two!


Agata said...

Liz! You are amazing, I still can't stop looking at them :)

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

Sweet Agata!!!! These are too beautiful for words. :)

Sarah B. said...

These are gorgeous! I bet they really show off the luxuriousness of the paper in their simplicity.

Also....September 18, 2010?

Liz, are people really planning weddings for that weekend already? Holy moly!

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

Oh girl-- we're LATE in getting invites printed and out the door for a September wedding! ;)

... I also can't even TELL YOU how beautiful the impression is with text on the 220lb paper. It's... heaven, is paper had a heaven to go. haha. I JUST ordered my very new and shiney NikondSLR camera, I can't wait to retake all these photos to show off the beauty of the paper!!