Monday, June 14, 2010

perfectly sweet moving announcements


Oh hi there!! Horrible, terrible, no good, awful blogger I am. Just terrible. What that really means is that I'm spending most of my time designing, ordering/cutting paper, or actually printing, so I can keep all of your attention on this new-fangled blog here. ;) It's all for you.

This weekend went by too quickly!! Mostly because I was excited as all get out about the TrueBlood premier on Sunday night (hello, Bill Compton, you may come in...), and that one of my best girlfriends from NY drove up to be with me. The boys, well, just the Husband and his brother, were visiting friends in NC-- when was the last time I had a whole weekend to be a girl and do my own thing? I can't even remember. Of COURSE I scheduled 4 orders to print over the weekend. Of course I did. I got through about 3.5 of the 4, and still drooled over Eric Northman, so I'm fine with it. ;)

Anyway-- I have been meaning to show you all the FINAL RESULTS of the moving announcement for my dear pal Alison!! I am so pleased with how these turned out. I've been learning more and more about printing throughout the course of my 'expedition' with Blush Design Studio-- printing back and front, for example, is no easy feat. Impression depth is diminished with a larger form (like this A6 sized card-- the larger the impression, the less the impression, so you need to add in more 'packing').

We also used the same color stationery items as I now carry full time for my personal and business stationery-- a delightful salmon/peachy color. It's really beautiful! We lined each envelope with a metallic cappuccino colored paper and everything was printed on Crane Lettra 220lb duplex paper in fluorescent white. In the spirit of 'learning' about new printing methods, I attempted some wrap around labels- which were printed in 2-colors on 80lb text weight Crane Lettra paper. Those were... difficult. The paper is so thin (it's really NOT that thin, but compared to my normal 110lb or even the 220lb, it's like a grain of salt kind of thin), it's hard to get them to stay put with Gable opening and closing so fast (the air would get under them and move them around!), but as you can see from this post, It CAN work well! I ran each of them through the xyron machine to make them sticky on the back-- and I just LOVE the effect of the letterpressed paper against the envelope. It's like a little present!

Enough talking by me-- enjoy. ;)

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