Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Savannah: our newest edition

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Well hello there, friends! It's been a wonderful weekend at the 'B household-- lots of qt time with Mr. Tuckerbean and equally fun time with Atticus and the husband. How is it that weekends are just never long enough? We should file a complaint.

As promised, here is Ms. Savannah. Ain't she beautiful? I'm sure of nothing with this cutter except that it's a guillotine cutter with a 23in blade and weighs about 500ish lbs. No brand, year of manufacture, nothing-- and I kind of dig that.

I was able to cut down a whole bunch of paper last night that would literally have taken me a full year to do on my dinky rotary cutter {thanks Fiskars!} and learned a few things in the process: (a) it can really only cut about an inch-inch and a half of paper (b) oil is messy, avoid it... (c) the clamp is no joke, and plan on using cardboard for the rest of your life-- above, and below-- to protect the paper in the middle, and most importantly (d), don't get your finger the way when loading the paper, that blade is 'surgically sharp.' Not to worry, I didn't lose anything in the process last night, but I was damn close!

I think she's beautiful-- and even though I generally keep her dressed in random scraps of paper, or my cup of water {with a coaster!} while I print, she's been a GREAT addition to the studio. I DO wish she wasn't quite so large so I could fit another press in there, BUT, it just means I may need to start looking for studio space at some point!

... for those who read the blog, I had promised to provide an update on little tuckerbean: he is doing quite well this week, and we've been pumping him full of medication, steak, and roasted chicken. He eats better than we do. He's starting to need more and more medication to remain pain free {we think, he's kind of the suffer in silence type of dog...}, but he was able to 'sort of' climb the stairs the other night which is a good sign. We still carry him up and down for the most part, but it's good that he wants to try and do it himself sometimes-- of course we're right there next to him just in case anything happens-- so far, he's doing pretty well!

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