Monday, August 23, 2010

Beautiful Wedding- Will Travel

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It brings me SO much joy to be able to show you all this travel themed wedding suite I printed a few weeks back. I had been working with Katie for a few weeks to nail the design just perfect, and I can't believe how in LOVE I am with these!

I tried something I've never done before-- full on printing of a large sheet of paper. Initially, I was really worried about the impression quality {platen presses tend to have more impression 'strength' towards the bottom end since that's where it pivots from...}, but knew that if I stepped up the paper to my most favorite 140lb cotton rag, I wouldn't have an issue-- and I didn't! Katie had requested a 'travel theme' to her wedding suite, since that is how she and Jason initially met and fell in love, and we found a vintage map of Europe to create the backdrop of our A6 folded passport booklet printed on the 'antique' colored stock and in gold ink.

As an aside quickly-- these images were not taken of the copy I typically keep for myself, these photos were taken of the suite that Katie had sent me after dolling everything up with the most beautiful applications of lace and ribbon. The invite is HEAVENLY, and I would be SO happy to receive one of these as a guest!

Back to the paper: The invitation was printed on a slightly smaller paper than the A6 folder {so that it could be affixed on the inside} and in gold and a peachy/blush ink. That image towards the bottom left is actually a representation of Katie and Jason's wedding venue, created by one of her amazing designer friends! The response card was printed on a 4bar size (3.5x4.875in) and really tested Gable's ability to print in super small text size! We had alot of information to fit on that little card, and Katie particularly liked the idea of the guests being able to 'tear' away information to keep with website information. I LOVED this idea... almost as much as the 'kids' menu image which is actually a Snuffle Bear by Gund--something that Katie & Jason had used throughout their save-the-date theme. When I talk about testing the limits of text size... I mean it, because I had designed the 'K, I, D' blocks with fear that they wouldn't show up in print... they took me by surprise and were PERFECT when it came time to print!

I had too much fun designing & printing these. To Katie & Jason: Congratulations!!!


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Thanks so much, hun!! :)

katiephiprincess said...

Thank you so much for these BEAUTIFUL pictures of our invitation, Liz!! You are definitely my favorite vendor to work with!!

Congratulations to you on your 1-year anniversary - I wish you and hubby a lifetime of happiness!

All my best,