Friday, August 6, 2010

Etsy Shop Update


I have really left you all hanging about that etsy shop, hu? Whoopsy!

I'll be adding more and more things to the shop this weekend, so be sure to keep checking back!

Whats that I hear? Some of you want to know what amazing things are to come? Oh, you don't say? Well, I'm VERY excited to launch my new stationery line in the coming week that {cross fingers...} will be going to local stationery shops throughout the east coast soon! I call the line "Flora & Fauna"... you'll see why.

And now... a gratuitous Dane photo I found on google-images. I could use one of Atticus, but he's not as photogenic these days since he's taken a liking to mauling Oscar the Nikon...
I have 5 {count that... F I V E} wedding invitations to print over the weekend, so I won't be looking nearly as comfy as that dane is on the couch... but you can be sure I'll look like that when I'm finished on Sunday night!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


AZ in August said...

Congratulations getting your stationery into shops! :o) Can't wait to see all the fun additions to your Etsy shop!

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

Thank you, lady!!! :) I REALLY can't wait either.. I have 6000 envelopes on their way to me as I type this {gulp...} to help with the wholesale orders! I should make a post.. if anyone knows how to photograph stationery well.. I NEED THEIR HELP!