Wednesday, August 11, 2010

just hanging out...

Gable 2

Wow-o-wow am I tired. After 5 invitation suites, 3 personal stationery orders, and 1 baby shower order printed in just the past 4 days, I'm spent. Really spent. Like too spent to walk with Atticus-- and thats bad. I'm usually always up for him walking me.

I have a 'mini-break' in my orders for the rest of this week, so I'll be catching up on the designing and dreaded administrative end of the business-- as a side note: I wish I could pay someone to do this for me, the administrative stuff, that is to say.

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[isobel sage] said...

Welllllll, I DO know of a good friend who's super creative and looking for a job and who's uber-organized (read: mildly OCD) and who would love, love, love to work with you and live in Boston! Just sayin'... ;)