Monday, October 18, 2010

Crunchy Leaves

I really REALLY love summer, and I'm sad to see it go, but I really REALLY covet my time with New England's fall weather, too. Since I went to school and lived at the beach for 4+ years, I've grown accustomed to kicking it at class/work all day, then heading over to the beach for a little bit of liquid courage {in many senses} and being with friends.

It's been 5 years since I've lived at the beach. Five. Since then, my life has kind of taken a total 180* twist--all for the good, I assure you. I no longer work then drink, or drink THEN work {har har}, but instead, I enjoy every second I can with my boys, teaching myself how to cook, and contemplating new house projects {which reminds me, we lost a stair railing in the front of our house to a larger than life UPS man... anyone have any recommendations of how not to spend $1000 replacing the entire stairway?}.

I titled this post something that I remince about all year after fall: crunchy leaves. I love them. We have this crazy huge oak tree on our front property that takes up the whole lot to the left of us {thankfully, we own it...} and it deposites these beautiful rusty colored leaves every year that make the most desirable 'crunch' when you romp on them. Since Atticus has taken amusement in using his 'shovels' to destroy every last blade of grass in our backyard, we're playing with him in the front yard till it recoups a bit of life-- and he and I run around in circles around this massive tree crunching every last leaf we can find. It's fun. :)

I've printed nearly 8,000 prints for my holiday creations {so far, I have another 4,000 prints to go!} that I'm about to unveil, but I wanted to take this brief moment to just remind you, dear readers, to not forget the little things in life. Now go outside and crunch some leaves. :) A few photos from our end of summer/early fall in the yard...

Big man Tucker is doing well


Atticus's skin literally moves in a dozen directions when he moves-- he is THAT big...

Boys and llittle a

What we enjoy working on... every time we take it out:

Boys and llittle a 1

What not to teach your Great Dane to do {the husband is 6'5'' btw}:

Boys and llittle a 2

And here is why...

Boys and llittle a 3

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Dancing Pen said...

Holy cow (toned down from what I actually said...) 8000 prints. You have been busy my dear friend!! Glad that Tucker is doing well. I actually lost one of my dear kitties last week, very unexpectadly. :( On a much happier note, I finally purchased a letterpress - YAY! The rigger is dropping it off tomorrow and my movers to TX said it was no problem to bring it. I am going to be asking you things all of the time now! If you ever want to delve into calligraphy, I will give you all the trade secrets... :)

Can't wait to see your holiday collection!