Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Filled with Joy

Well hello there readers!!

I have a lot of explaining to do, don't I? Well, it will come, I promise. What will also come is about a million and a half blog entries of my latest-- some some not so latest-- work that I've done and seriously neglected to show you all. Oscar the Nikon's battery is charging {!!} for a big session today. I hope to have a few good ones to show you all before the Hubs gets home from work and we officially kick off Valentines Day with our ceremonious take out food and a good movie {or Soprano's Season 5 DVD, whichever is fine by us}.

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know something: I miss you. :) It's wedding season for us letterpress artists, and we're all {I'm doing a solid and speaking for all the printers out there...} trying to get our beautiful brides-to-be finished up with their designs and printing. Though blog posting has been light- thats an understatement- please know that I've been thinking about every day, and sometimes several times a day. Every single time I gear up Gable for a print, or submit designs for platemaking, I'm thinking about you all.

I have a few announcements to share with you-- in due time. For now, lets celebrate today.

Today, is just Monday. Today, is just February 14th. Today, is Valentines Day. I could enlighten you all with the story of St. Valentine, but I know you all have heard something about the martyred man who died and left behind a note before his death to the Jailer's Daughter, signed-- ' From Your Valentine.' It's a bittersweet story, really. Today, we all know it as a time to be with loved ones and exchange gifts {purchased or otherwise}, but I say:

Lets make today filled with joy. Do something happy for yourself. Maybe it's a 5 minute break to grab some tea and cuddle with a chapter of your favorite book, or a walk around the neighborhood with your Pup {Atticus will love this later today}; whatever it is, make today filled with joy.

xoxo to you all... and be the on the lookout for pretty things soon.

image via crooked tooth

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