Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thats the Ticket!

Thats the Ticket STD 5Thats the Ticket STD 3Thats the Ticket STD 4Thats the Ticket STD

I have some super adorable save-the-dates to show you all today. Ms. Meg came into my life from Etsy {I love that place}, and asked me for some out of the box wedding stationery-- a save-the-date for her beautiful wedding in the form of a carnival ticket. She basically gave me free range on just about everything and let me go at it... so I did.

We had a great time designing these together-- and even created the wedding invitations shortly after {pics of those to come soon!}. To complete the look, I created littled elephant tags that inspired me from Meg's Blog where she spray painted toy elephants gold to match with the wedding decor-- they are adorable! btw, I highly suggest keeping that blog on your radar since I just love everything she posts when it comes to decor and cute dresses.

We used the super thick Crane Lettra 220lb stock in Pearl White and printed in pool & warm red inks. The envelopes are from Paper-Source in the best shade of pool/aqua I've ever seen. I printed the envelopes in a metallic gold ink with a fun vintage print of a high-wire-guy... and since I needed a place for those ropes to go on the other side of the envelope, I found this awesome image of a man climbing rope. C'mon-- how perfect are these?! :)

I can't wait to show you what we came up with for the invitations!!! Meg-- the time is almost here, and I am SO excited for you and Rich!! Btw, readers, I haven't mentioned this in many of my posts, but Meg showed me some of her carnival inspired engagement photos-- this is an ADORABLE couple. I can't wait to see their wedding pics; they are so beautiful together! :)


Keith said...

I am in LOVE with this suite!! I don't know how you make circus look chic but you do Liz - you just do!!

Keith said...

Haha... I am (it Elecia)am on my hubbies computer. Seeing that comment from "keith" looks WAY too funny....

Bread n' Butter said...

Liz, have I told you lately how much I love you??? What you created for us was stunning, amazing, beautiful and PERFECT. Everyone has refused to send back the replies because they want to keep the whole thing. You are amazing, and I hope all is well. We have one week, and I can't wait! I will send pics fo sho:)!