Monday, February 28, 2011

Personal Stationery- make it YOU!

As a stationer, it's hard to sit here and say this: I don't really have any personal stationery.

I know, it sounds silly. I have a TON of stationery for the business and stationery that I've created for others, but when it comes to Mrs. B's personal stationery... I've come up short. I need to change that. I think it's important to have a little bit of paper with a touch of 'you' for correspondence. Mostly because written correspondence is so hard to come by these days, but also because people enjoy getting those types of pieces in the mail. Who wants to open up bills and notices all the time? Not I! I love sifting through my mail every day for something- anything- that resembles a personal note. It's so exciting to open those up and read about someone else's day, a thank you, or barbecue dinner invitation!

I created this personal stationery for a good friend, Jess, who knew this bright, loud, and fun girl named Lindsey. I used the Jasper florals you've all seen countless times on this blog {they are kind of a big deal to me I guess... I love them!} and printed them on a folded 140lb cotton rag card in bright yellow with a peach accent to really make this a fun personal correspondence. Lindsey got these as a birthday-gift, and I'm so thrilled to have worked on them!!

Thanks Jess, I miss you girl!!

Blush Design-2

Blush Design-3

Blush Design-1

For me, I'm off to print more wedding invitations. I have another 4 before I'm finished for the week {is it really only MONDAY?}, and I have another 3 weddings going into the printing que. Wedding season is FULLY HERE and I officially out of business cards. Like... i'm writting my information on little printed cards and taping it onto the packages I send out, kind of officially out of business cards.

ps: all the beautiful photography is from Shannon Sorenson. Umm. Readers. She is a total doll and I LOVE her work. You'll be seeing more of her on here... about the B's... and generally all around me... for a very long time to come. Enjoy her website, and def. make it a point to check out her blog for amazing photos and inspiration. Gahh. I would love to steal little Loki and cuddle with him and Atticus in bed. :)


Shannon said...

This stationary is so cheerful, I love it! Great work, girl!

Jessica said...

By the way, Lindsey loved these and she is just got engaged this weekend;)

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

Ahh!!! jess!!! Thats amazing!!! :) Congrats to Lindsey!!!!