Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Offering: Edge Painting

Why, Hello there, readers! It is bright and sunny here in New England- and while it's still a little nippy outside, it feels great to look out the window and see the SUN. It's amazing really. I feel like for a few weeks during December and January we didn't even see the sun peek out once... now, it's like spring is on the way!

I wanted to let you all in on one of the first secrets of 2011- a change for the business. I am now offering edge painting! Take a gander at the beautiful photos below. I know, I know, these are holiday cards for the BEAUTIFUL Nix family, but it was a perfect example of how edge painting can make a design REALLY pop.

These 6.75x6.75in cards were printed on 220lb Crane Lettra stock in Pearl While with a VERY specific Pantone color {109 to be exact-- which is a grey with a SMIDGE of red in it to tie into the envelopes, a specific request from the client. How beautiful that she thought of that, no? Woman after my own heart I tell ya...}. I printed the return address in a tonal red which is literally the same shade as the envelope so that when it hits the paper, it's exactly 1 shade darker. I love that look. It's perfect for any colored envelopes. And... for the grand finale... the edge painting. I wont lie, it's an art that took a lot of practice to master. I'm still not great at it, and will keep practicing the art. I color matched the envelopes to the ink I edged in and I am in LOVE with the results. Look how the paper just pops against itself.

Brides: this is a GREAT way to introduce another color to your wedding suite. I realize letterpress printing can be expensive {it's an incredibly time, resource, and labor intensive process!}, so printing in 1 color with a side of edge painting can create the illusion of grandeur for pennies each. How can you say no to that?

Buddy the Elf Christmas 3

Buddy the Elf Christmas 2

Buddy the Elf Christmas


Liz @ MaisonTwenty3 said...

Drooooool. Loving that edge painting!

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

Thanks, lady!!! :) This family is just to DIE for adorable, and the cards came out so better than I ever imagined. I was literally shaking as I was painting the edges here... shaking out of nervousness. It's a lot of expensive paper to destroy if I mess up!!

I miss you. xoxo

Shannon said...

I love these! It really adds a nice punch of color that's still delicate and gorgeous!

And, um, I love that they used an Elf quote there. Love it a lot.

Dancing Pen said...

That looks AWESOME!!! I fell in love with edge painting when I saw a video on Crane about it - yours is WAY more fun though!!

Janet from Richmond said...

These are lovely! You never fail to amaze me Liz. :-)