Wednesday, August 10, 2011

back in the saddle...

Well, kind of. But I am going to be back on a semi-regular basis to share with you, my dear readers, all the lovely changes we've been going through. You know, the good, bad, and ugly of it all.

Last I left you, it was back in May. OH MY have things changed. Lets start from the beginning with just a few snap-shots of what to expect for the next few posts from me:

1) the website.
Oh right... did I mention the rebranding? No? Sorry, I've been pre-occupied with getting it ready to launch in time to meet our little lady. Well, Blush Design Studio, my pride and joy from 2009 to now, has served us well! I realized a few months ago that I really wanted to start taking this business from something small, to something grand {not necessarily big... but something more serious than it was before}, and the best way to do that was to focus on what I did best: print. I found myself getting requests for digital work that I neither found I was good at, nor had the time to really do very well {finding local printers of good quality is hard work!}- thus, my complete focus to letterpress. Flutter Press was born after just under 1 million attempts to come up with a new way to say, "I'm sorry, I'm a terrible digital graphic artist, please forgive me... can I letterpress print it? I'm much better at that..." More to come on the site redesign, new wedding, personal, and event suites, AND new lines of holiday goodies!

yes... Atticus is trying to go after the neighbors cat and I'm laughing
at the fact that the camera is sitting on top of a rose bush.  But we're homeowners,
and thats all that matters to us!
2) the move.
It happened. It happened so fast, I'm still not sure which city we're living in or which house to really call home. We still own our home in MA due to a severely recessed market for little cape homes {anyone interested? Please buy our little house!} and are the proud owners of a new home here in Georgia; well, new to us. The home was occupied by folks that LOVED their tans and golden pinapples, so there will be quite a few posts about transformations in the works, but for now, we're just enjoying having a place to hang our hats until the next phase of our lives is upon us in just a few short weeks. Whats that phase, you ask...

some early early pics of the nursery... we're almost finished with it! More pics to come...
3) the baby.
Thats right! Baby is well on her way to meeting us {not just yet baby girl, take your time! Just please stop kicking my right rib, mmk?} in about 3-4 weeks. I can't believe that in less than 1 month, we get to meet our little girl. It's been surreal getting her room and goodies ready and my husband and I have been working with 'the man of the house,' Atticus, to get him prepared too. He's doing... ok. I think he would rather sleep than let us work with him, but hey, he's got plenty of time to adjust when she gets here since neither one of them are going anywhere, anytime fast.

My two big ol' boys being loaded into their resting places... 

3) the printing.
You all are really just here to hear what I've been up to with printing, aren't you? :) Well, I kind of am too. Once the presses were packed up in Massachusetts back in early June, I didn't even get a chance to SEE them again until 3 days before our baby shower when they were loaded into our house- that was July 23rd folks.  Ooo, did I not mention that plan to you all? We've officially said toot-a-loo to our formal dining space and have the dining room permanently slated as my press room. It's downstairs, central to all things house and home, and it's perfectly sized for my 2 giant beasts. The load in went INCREDIBLY well thanks to 3 super-sized guys from Summit Rigging and I couldn't be more excited to share all the fun pics I have of the process.  Until then, know that I am taking LIMITED printing orders to fulfill any etsy sales and wholesale orders I had previously committed to-- wedding stationery orders are still on the backburner until after the baby is here, however.

Alright... there you have it, folks.  I'll be back in a little bit with some fun posts about what it's like to be 9mo pregnant in the hottest city of the country {I don't know if thats even true, but it feels like it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.}, house projects, and general life catch-up. 

OH-- and forgive the fact that not all the links work here just yet.  It's a work in progress and the website isn't nearly finished yet!

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