Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Baby Shower

Oh dear sweet readers.  Welcome back to another installment of Flutter Press and my very {very} long que of goodies to show you.  This morning, we have the most adorable baby shower on the planet and I am so so thrilled that Kelly from Eventology Weddings a} had a friend who was having a baby, and b} reached out to have me letterpress the invitations... oh, and c} is amazing when it comes to styling events such as these.  Folks- visit her website, its got the most soothing background music that just makes you want to throw on your sexiest black formal gown and flounce your way to the mailbox holding a glass of wine.  Is that just me?  Maybe that's why the neighbors were staring...

Without further ado, I must have you take a gander at these photos.  They are almost too much to look at- in a 'I can't believe how adorable this is,' kind of way, and I may or may not have included way too many since I couldn't decide which were my favorites.  If I walked into a baby shower styled like this, I would think this baby is a rock star and deserves nothing but gold and jewels-- turns out, that's just how Kelly rolls {and the baby really does deserve gold and jewels, but that's neither here nor there}. Check out those fresh flowers and little tiny milk bottles?  LOVE.
If you are interested in custom printed baby shower invitations, or any other kind of event stationery, feel free to send a note!

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