Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Minnesotta Garden Wedding

Happy Tuesday every one!  It's been a fabulous day here in Atlanta- a bit chilly this morning, but we're expecting temperatures nearing 70* today.  It's still January and I just typed we're expecting temperatures nearing 70*.  70*.  Incredible.  I love the south for so many reasons, and this is definately one of them. 

Slowly but surely I'm getting my act together with regards to the website, blog and other business stuff that makes me feel look like a legit business, so take a journey on over to the website and check out the new, easy to manage and manouver, goodness that is Flutter Letterpress.  You're on the blog, so you already see that, and don't forget about the little shop {which is pretttttyyyy empty right now, but bear with me, I'm trying to get out my new stationery line and take care of my little whippersnapper}. 

Today, my dear readers, I must show you the most magical wedding I have ever been apart of.  The bride, good lord, what can I say about this bride to make you understand... I love her.  As in I have a girl-crush on her.  She and I have worked on COUNTLESS projects together and I love her to pieces.  These... my dear readers, are her wedding invitations.  They are multiple colors {on everything} and they took me no less a few days to print- all worth it.  Behold the full beauty of them in Flickr
Everything was printed on 100% cotton paper in pearl white.  Photographed by the lovely and talented Laura Ivanova.

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Shazzie said...

Love the new header! Are you revamping?

ps I miss your face. I hope all is well with you and your adorable family :)