Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Spring!

Life always gets a little crazy around the beginning of the year for us.  I remember as a kid, I thought that New Years was the pinnacle of the year... something that you had to build up all year, so that January 1 meant you get to start slow and build up to the December 31st mark again.  Wrong.  Dead wrong.  It couldn't possibly have been more wild for the Bardwell clan since we rang in the new year, but we are loving every minute of it! 

We've been heads down as a family trying to make our own memories-- no additional family living with us, a few family road trips under our belts, and even an appearance at our local Woof-Stock {it's like WoodStock, but for dogs.  Yeah, I know, sounds nuts; it was super fun!}. 

Beyond enjoying our little family unit, I've also been working hard in the studio with a few dozen orders.  Whoever told me that I would get a break while I was on 'maternity leave' was a bold faced liar.  You never get breaks.  Truthfully, I find printing theraputic with it's swooshes, dinks, and other monotonous tones the press makes as it presses the I'm happy to take on orders right now.  We could use the extra cash dollars too since I have about 1 million projects left to do on the house.  Thankfully, the husband has been helping with the rather big projects, like double doors in the press press.  Those, my friends, get installed this week and I AM SO EXCITED.  Did I just put those in shouty caps?  I did.  I'm excited. 

I hope you've all been well-- I miss my little blog-scapades and hope to bring some pretty pictures next time I visit here. :-)  Maybe I'll show you all the many bridal shower invitations I've been working on?  Those florals are a serious hit...

hugs to everyone!

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